Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of this insurance? 

    MPRLIP premiums are fully funded by the Government of Canada. The paid premium is a taxable benefit to the insured member.

  • What benefit amount can my beneficiaries expect to receive? 
    The amount of post-retirement life insurance is based on the annual salary to which the participant was entitled immediately before the CAF effective date of release. For insurance purposes, the final salary is the annual salary adjusted to the next highest multiple of $250.
    The life insurance coverage is equal to the following:
    Year after Retirement ​ % of Adjusted Annual Salary ​
    First​ 100%​
    Second ​ 75%​
    Third ​ 50%​
    Fourth (and life thereafter) ​ 25%​
  • Are the MPRLIP benefits ever suspended? 
    Yes. The entitlement to the MPRLIP benefit is suspended when:
    • subsequent to the retirement from the CAF, an eligible member secures employment or re-employment in the Federal Public Service of Canada and/or;
    • an eligible member is in receipt of Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits under SISIP Financial or the Public Services Management Insurance Plan (PSMIP) when a Waiver of Premium Benefit is in effect.
  • Will I receive the MPRLIP information package before I retire from the CAF? 

    Yes. Complete information about the MPRLIP will be provided automatically at or near the commencement of retirement leave when SISIP Financial receives the release message from DND.